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What is a CCL test?


As part of certain points-based visa applications made to the Department of Home Affairs, individuals who pass the NAATI Credentialed Community Language Test can claim Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points (sometimes referred to as the ‘five bonus points’).

NAATI CCL Extra Point Table

(An individual who has passed a CCL test is not certified to work as an interpreter or translator.)


CCL Test Format


CCL candidates must be able to:

  • participate effectively in exchanges where relatively simple information is exchanged without any great deviation from the norms of pronunciation, with reasonable accuracy, standard of expression, style and register; and
  • give the sense of what is said by the speakers and demonstrate good quality language in both English and the LOTE.

CCL tests are conducted from a recording which is played to the candidate by a testing officer. The candidate’s responses are recorded for marking. The recording will include two dialogues. Each test dialogue is based on a conversation between an English speaker and a speaker of your LOTE (Language other than English).

The dialogues used within the test will reflect real-life domains which typically form part of daily life in Australian society. This may include health, legal, community, immigration/settlement, education, social services, financial, housing, business, employment, insurance or consumer affairs situations.

In the test, you are required to transfer the meaning of what is said by each speaker into the other language (i.e. English into LOTE and LOTE into English). Each dialogue is approximately 300 words, approximately half in English and half in LOTE. These are divided into segments that do not exceed 35 words each.

The candidate will be played the recorded test by the testing officer. A chime will indicate the end of each segment. Candidates should wait until they hear the chime before providing their response in the other language.

The testing officer will pause the test recording at each chime and allow the candidate to complete their response to the segment. The testing officer will restart the recording and play the next segment only when the candidate has finished.

The dialogues are designed to assess the candidate’s ability to serve as a channel of communication between two persons who do not speak the same language.


How Are Tests Marked?

At least two trained examiners mark CCL tests independently. The CCL test comprises two dialogues and each dialogue is marked by the examiner using a deductive marking system.

CCL test candidates will primarily be marked on their ability to accurately transfer meaning between English and the Language other than English (LOTE). Also considered are language quality (both LOTE and English) and language register (the level of formality with which you speak) where this affects the success of meaning transfer.

Examiners consider the types of error present in the candidate’s performance and the impact of those errors in determining the deductions they will make.

Errors affecting accuracy will be more heavily penalised. In particular, errors, like distortions, omissions and insertions, affecting the meaning at the sentence or dialogue level will receive larger deductions. It may only take two or three of these significant errors per dialogue for it to be assessed as a fail.

The opinion of each examiner is taken into account in determining whether the candidate is successful. In situations where the examiners disagree about the performance of the candidate additional examiners will be involved in determining the final result.

Each dialogue receives a mark out of 45. In order to pass a candidate needs to score at least 29 out of 45 for each dialogue and score at least 63 out of 90 overall.

When NAATI issues the result for the CCL test it will be based on the mark achieved:

  • PASS: 63 or higher (out of 90)
  • MARGINAL FAIL: between 55 and 62.5 (out of 90)
  • CLEAR FAIL: less than 55 (out of 90)


CCL Test Schedule


In 2018, NAATI will run CCL tests in the following weeks:

  • 19-23 March 2018 (application closed)
  • 14-18 May 2018
  • 18-22 June 2018
  • 13-17 August 2018
  • 22-26 October 2018
  • 3-7 December 2018

Eligible applicants will be advised by email if a test place has been offered to them.


How to apply for a CCL Test?


1. Click the following link:

2. Follow the steps and provide personal information, including submitting an Australian passport photo and the scanned copy of your passport.

3. You will received a NAATI number when you submit your application. Then wait for the confirmation email and pay the tuition fee according to the instruction.


Why Choose CCL Tests?


Compared to other NAATI tests, CCL enjoys many advantages----saving your time, money and effort.


Before 2018

After 1 Jan 2018  (Only external tests available)

Internal Test

External Test

CCL Test

Test after completing a endorsed qualification

Test after fulfilling prerequisites



course tuition:

> $3000;




Test Fee:





CCL Test Fee:




course tuition:

> $3000;

External Test Fee:





  1. prerequisites:

a. On-line Module Learning: $308

b. Pass intercultural competency test: test fee $99

c. Pass ethical competency test: test fee $99


2. External Test Fee: $550-$880  (depending on the test type)


Course Duration:

6 months;

Results waiting time:

1-2 months;

1 months.

Very few tests in a year;

Results waiting time:

2 months;

1 months.

A test in every 2 months in 2018;
Results waiting time:

6-8 weeks;

Can claim 5 points after passing the test (no need to wait for accreditation )

Course Duration:

6 months;

Results waiting time:

1-2 months;

1 months.

On-line Module: 40 hours;


Only after you get the results for intercultural and ethical competency tests and pass both of them, you can apply for an external test.


External test results waiting time: 1-2 months;


Certification: 1 months.

Whether “ethics & culture” is tested









Save time, money & effort

Time & money consuming

Complicated procedure, not easy to follow



Why Choose Kingsway Institute?


  1. Australian government registered training institute with 9 year experience and nearly 20,000 graduates.
  2. Intensive CCL training courses:  a cost efficient solution

The shortest one is only 42 hours ( 8 weeks) with a free mock test.

  1. Strong teaching staff--- 100% passing rate in the past!

We boost a team of NAATI tutors who are very experienced in both training and interpreting practice. They got double master’s degrees in Translation and Interpreting, and Conference Interpreting. And they are currently very active in providing interpreting service to international conferences, governments, courts, Department of Home Affairs, Centrelink and other organizations.

       4.    We apply the CCL test to help you secure a test place without any charge.

       5.   Excellent learning environment

        You can enjoy fast WIFI, self-study rooms and refreshments. They all totally free! 


CCL Course Timetable:

Every Saturday  9am到3:30pm .

The next intake date is 21 April.



CCL Sample Dialogue

The following dialogue takes place between a policeman, Constable Nick, and Mandarin-speaking Mrs. Lin. It concerns a recent robbery at Mrs. Lin’s House.

The dialogue begins now.


Mrs. Lin:

谢谢你这么快就来了。我请来了我的邻居做翻译。我在电话里已经告诉警察, 我们所有的电器设备都被偷走了。

Constable Nick:

No worries. Now if you could just describe what happened. From the looks of things, there has been a forced entry at the side window.

Mrs. Lin:


Constable Nick:

Right, we will have to take that away to check for fingerprints. We will also send the fingerprint men down to check the door for prints. Now tell me when you first noticed something was wrong.

Mrs. Lin:


Constable Nick:

So he went in the window and came out the door. And what was taken?

Mrs. Lin:


Constable Nick:

Yes, that’s often the case. We will check with the Neighbourhood Watch, but have you noticed anything or anyone suspicious lately in your street?

Mrs. Lin:


Constable Nick:

Yes, we will make a point of speaking to him as soon as possible. Where is he now, by the way? Also, is this the first time you have been burgled like this?

Mrs. Lin:


Constable Nick:

You should always report any break–ins. You’d be surprised how many times a thief strikes in just one neighbourhood in a short period of time.


End of the Dialogue.


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