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ELICOS Course Progress Policy


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Kingsway Institute establishes this policy and procedure to monitor the course progress of students and to document the procedures for reporting students with unsatisfactory course progress to DoHA.


  • The Institute: Kingsway Institute
  • AR: Assessment Record showing results a student has achieved
  • DoHA: Department of Home Affairs
  • Course performance: Weekly assessment results achieved as the student progresses through the course
  • Unsatisfactory course progress: Where a student has achieved scores of 49% or under in their assessment results in a term
  • Satisfactory course progress: Where a student has achieved an average of 50% or more in their assessment results in a term
  • Study Period: A ‘term’ is used to define a study period.  The term duration, usually a contact period of ten (10) weeks, is considered a study period
  • English Coaching: One-on-one “English Coaching” is conducted in weeks 5 and 10 of every term. Each session is a chance for teachers to meet with each student individually. The objective is to create a plan for individual learning, set learning goals and to actively reflect on the student’s learning achievements. During the session, teachers provide individual guidance and feedback and gauge whether students are maintaining satisfactory course progress. If they are not, the teacher will inform the Academic Manager.
  • Course Progress Form: Form for students who are struggling to meet course progress requirements, which lists objectives, dates met with staff, intervention strategies etc.
  • Student Course Progress Folder: Folder which contains Course Progress Meeting Forms for all students who have begun intervention strategies


  1. The Institute will adopt a proactive approach to monitoring students’ course progress and notifying and counselling students who are at risk of failing to meet the accepted course progress requirements.  Students who persist in failing to meet course progress requirements, even after attempts by The Institute to notify and counsel them through the intervention strategy, shall be reported to DoHA in accordance with the ESOS Act 2018
  2. This policy and procedure will be made available to students through the student orientation guide and The Institute website
  3. The Institute strongly believes that course progress is closely linked to students’ active participation in class learning and assessment activities and completion of assessments.
  4. Teachers will provide information on assessment requirements, conditions and other relevant information to students before the assessment is handed out
  5. Each student’s weekly assessment results shall be recorded on the student AR


The Academic Manager is responsible for the implementation of this policy and also ensuring that teachers as well as students are aware of and following this policy.

Procedure for Monitoring Course Progress

  1. After placement in new class, receiving teacher confirms level suitability and informs Academic Manager within first week if student’s English skills are not appropriate for the level
  2. Teachers conduct weekly assessments and keep records of student’s assessment results on each student’s AR
  3. In weeks 5 and 10 of each term, English Coaching is carried out and student’s assessment results are reviewed, and course progress is assessed. If student is showing unsatisfactory course progress, the teacher will notify Academic Manager
  4. Academic Manager will arrange a course progress meeting with student
  5. At the meeting, the student will be asked how they are performing and why they feel they are achieving results of 49% or lower. Course intervention strategies will be discussed and recommended to the student (see table below for intervention strategy examples)
  6. The Course Progress Meeting Form will be completed and signed by student and Academic Manager. A copy will be given to the student and the original will be filed in the Student Course Progress Folder. The student’s teacher will be advised about the student’s progress and expectations. The student will be advised that they are expected to achieve 50% or greater average in assessment results before the next English Coaching session (5 weeks later) otherwise they may be reported for unsatisfactory course progress
  7. The teacher will closely monitor assessment results on a weekly basis and inform the academic manager if progress is not being made according to the signed Course Progress Form.  If student is not achieving satisfactory course progress within 4 weeks, steps 5.4-5.6 of the above process will be repeated. If student is still not showing satisfactory course progress for two consecutive terms, and are still in the same level, student will be reported for unsatisfactory course progress
  8. Students studying 5 weeks or less will have their assessment results monitored by the teacher every week to ensure they are achieving 50% or above. If student is not, teacher will advise Academic Manager

Intervention Strategy Options

Action taken by

Followed up by

Provide extra learning assistance to the student

Main teacher

Academic Management

Ask the student to attend clubs/electives after class

Academic Management

Academic Management

Move the student to a lower level

Academic Management

Academic Management

Set achievable goals/targets with the student

Main teacher / Academic Management

Academic Management

Extra time to complete assessments

Main teacher

Academic Management

Make appointment with student counsellor

Academic Management

Academic Management

                                                                                 * this is not a conclusive list and other intervention strategies may also be used

Procedure for Notice of Intention to Report

  1. If the student is unable to demonstrate satisfactory course progress at the end of the second study period by achieving 50% (or greater) average in assessment results after intervention strategies, the student will be issued a Letter of Intention to Report for Unsatisfactory Progress.
  2. The notice will inform the Student that he or she is able to access The Institute’s Complaints and Appeals Policy and that the student has 20 working days in which to do so. A copy of this letter is retained within the student’s file. If the student does not successfully appeal, the student will be reported for failing to meet satisfactory course progress

Procedure for Reporting of Student’s Breach of Visa Conditions via PRISMS

  1. If the Student chooses not to access the complaints and appeals processes within the 20 working day period, withdraws from the process, or the process is completed and results in a decision-supporting The Institute, The Institute will notify DoHA of the student not achieving satisfactory course progress as soon as practicable
  2. Copies of all outcomes and notifications related to the appeal process is kept on the student’s file in accordance with The Institute’s Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure


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