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ELICOS Attendance Monitoring Policy


Attendance Monitoring Policy - Download Here or Read Below


Kingsway Institute establishes this policy and procedure to:

  1. Comply with the requirements of the National Code 2018 - Standard 8 and ELICOS Standards 2018 - Standard C1.1K relating to attendance monitoring for students on an Australian student visa.
  2. Proactively notify, counsel, and assist students who are at risk of failing to meet attendance requirements.


 The Institute                                         Kingsway Institute

SMS                                        Student Management System

NIR                                          Notice of Intention to Report

DoHA                                       Department of Home Affairs

SSO                                        Student Support Officer

Current Attendance                Students attendance averaged to date from commencement

Overall Attendance                 The maximum possible attendance a student can achieve, if they are present for every single class moving forward


The Institute will monitor the attendance of students, to identify students at risk, to provide timely and appropriate intervention/support strategies. The Institute endeavours for all students to complete their course satisfactorily and to comply with their student visa conditions.


  1. The Academic Manager (with the support of the Student Support Officer), is responsible for the implementation of this policy and also ensuring that staff members and students are aware of and following this policy.
  2. The procedure below also outlines the administrative responsibilities of the Academic Manager, Student Support Officer and the Teacher.


1. The following procedure outlines the steps undertaken to monitor attendance for student visa holders. Non-student visa holder’s attendance is monitored, however, no Attendance Warning letters or NIR letters are sent.




At Orientation, student visa holders are informed of the conditions of their visa that pertain to attendance and the various actions that will be initiated when a student is identified to be at risk for unsatisfactory attendance.

  • Academic Manager

  • SSO

  • All students receive a copy of the Orientation slides and complete a Quiz at the end of orientation confirming that they have understood the minimum 80% attendance requirement

  • Students are requested to present valid and current medical certificates for absences due to illness to reception (medical certificates don’t count towards attendance and student is marked as absent).

  • Reception staff will photocopy the medical certificate, sign and date it as original sighted.  The original copy is handed back to student while a hard copy is kept in the student file.


Prepare hard copies of Class Attendance Sheets for teachers to take attendance


  • SSO

  • Hard copies will be printed on Friday for the following week and placed in teacher’s Class Diaries

Student attendance is taken daily, at the beginning of each session.




  • Teacher

  • If a student is absent for part of the session (arriving late or leaving early), the appropriate minutes is deducted from their days attendance in 15 minute increments


Collect and upload weekly attendance onto SMS


  • SSO

  • Completed Class Attendance Sheets are collected on Fridays and uploaded into the SMS


Attendance data is monitored closely to see if a student has been absent for 5 (five) consecutive days without approval


  • SSO

  • SSO calls and sends an email to the student immediately and also informs the Academic Manager via email

  • Student is asked if there is an emergency or specific situation. SSO asks if counselling is required

  • SSO asks student to bring in medical certificate (if appropriate)

  • SSO adds contact log entry into SMS

Attendance is closely monitored every week immediately after data is uploaded into the SMS. Depending on each student's Overall Attendance result, the associated action below is taken:

  • SSO

  • Academic Manager


  • Every Monday morning an attendance report showing Current Attendance and Overall Attendance data is compiled by an SSO

2. The following table outlines steps and actions for sending out 1st Low Attendance Warning Letter, 2nd Low Attendance Warning Letter, and NIR Letters:



Overall Attendance has fallen and is between 85% and 89%

  • First Attendance Warning Letter is sent to the student’s:
    • Email address
  • Student is asked to attend counselling session with SSO
  • Outcome of counselling (and phone calls if any) to student are entered into the student’s contact log entry on SMS

Overall Attendance has fallen and is between 80% and 84%

  • Second Attendance Warning Letter is sent to the student’s:
    • Email address
  • Student is asked to attend counselling session with Academic Manager
  • Results of counselling (and phone calls if any) to student are entered into the students  contact log entry on SMS

Overall Attendance has fallen and is 79% or below

  • Notice of Intention to Report to DoHA is sent to the student’s:
    • Email address
    • Current postal address on SMS
  • The NIR advises the student of the potential breach of visa condition due to unsatisfactory attendance and their right to appeal within 20 working days
  • Students are advised to provide evidence of compassionate and compelling circumstances (if any)
  • If the review of compelling and compassionate circumstances is accepted, the student is provided an “outcome letter” advising they will not be reported for  Unsatisfactory Attendance for current course
  • However, if no appeal and compelling or compassionate circumstances documentation is provided and accepted, then the student will be reported for Unsatisfactory Attendance via PRISMS
  • If a student has submitted an appeal, which is deemed unsuccessful, the student is advised that their appeal is unsuccessful and they have 10 days to externally appeal and provide evidence. Otherwise, The Institute will report the student for unsatisfactory attendance.
  • If the student does externally appeal and evidence is provided, The Institute will place their decision to report on hold, until the external appeal process has reached an outcome.
  • If a student is to be reported via PRISMS, the Academic Manager will inform the Compliance Manager to report the student for unsatisfactory attendance.
  • All documents listed above are to be stored in electronic form in the student file.


































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